Vertical In Line Pump

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CGA 50 / CGA 65 / CGB 80 / CGB 100 / CGC 125 / CGC 150 / CGD 200 / CGD 250 / CGE 300 / CGE 350

Engine room pumps, we deliver, are critical for vessel operations and the costs of pump failures are extremely high. That is the reason why we take care about pumping systems on board having in mind that ultimate reliability, accessibility, and efficiency are a must and undiscussable quality standards in the toughest operating conditions of the vessel sailing in open high seas. The highest quality materials, simplicity of design and spare parts, and aftersales support for your pumping systems will be absolute strength for your full thrust ahead. Where an operating requirement is not fulfilled with the vertical pumps range there are also horizontal double suction pumps from our supply scope. The pumps we supply can operate at optimum performance during any unloading conditions, resulting in total system efficiency and low power consumption.